Technical Committee on Soil Systems and Critical Zone Processes

Committee of Soils-AGU

As many of you already know, the AGU has recently formed a new Technical Committee focusing on Soil Systems and Critical Zone Processes joint to the Biogeosciences and the Hydrology sections. The new technical committee is comprised of the following members:

Dr. Jennifer King UC Santa Barbara E-mail Web page
Dr. Kate Lajtha (co-chair) Oregon State University E-mail Web page
Dr. Henry Lin Pennsylvania State University E-mail Web page
Dr. Dani Or ETH, Zurich, Switzerland E-ail Web page
Dr. Yakov Pachepsky (deputy-chair) USDA-ARS, Beltsville, MD E-mail Web page
Dr. Harry Vereecken (co-chair) Julich Research Center, Germany E-mail Web page
Dr. Xiaoyuan Yan Academy of Sciences, China E-mail Web page
Dr. Michael Young University of Texas - Austin E-mail Web page
Dr. Ester Sztein (NAS) The National Academies E-mail Web page
Dr. Marc Kramer University of Florida E-mail Web page
Dr. Steven Banwart University of Sheffield E-mail Web page
Dr. Ty Ferre University of Arizona E-mail Web page
Dr. Elise Pendall Western Sydney University E-mail Web page
Dr. Susan Trumbore Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry, Jena E-mail Web page
Dr. Mohanty Binayak Agriculture & Life Sciences, Texas A&M University E-mail Web page
Dr. Assouline Shmuel Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Israel E-mail Web page

This joint technical committee underscores the intertwined nature of processes in soils systems and offers opportunities to unify interests across these broad disciplines. The technical committee will serve as a nucleus; actively solicit input and will be open for volunteers from all related disciplines. We anticipate that such TC will facilitate opportunities for networking, interactions, and leverage collective thinking in soil systems and critical zone processes already present at the AGU. The committee is also expected to play an active role in enhancing links between AGU and other scientific societies, in particular with the SSSA, ASA, GSA, ESA, and EGU. A primary venue for such scientific interactions and networking is the upcoming AGU fall meeting in San Francisco (December 2-8).

Thank you for your support and active participation
Dani Or (ETH Zurich) and Yakov Pachepsy (USDA-ARS) – co chairs